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Welcome to The Traveling Dog Trainer LLC, where personalized, private dog training meets you at your doorstep! As your private in-home dog trainer, Lisa brings training sessions directly to your living room, backyard, favorite local spots like Valparaiso's Farmers Market or Indiana Dunes Beaches.


Our founder, Lisa, is a former Veterinary tech, now holding a graduate background in Applied Behavior Analysis and a stack of professional dog training certifications. Our mastery in behavior modification principles, in humans and animals, allows us to offer tailored service dog training as well as challenging pet dog lessons to clients. 


Our proven training packages start as a basic 4 visit plan, where you can customize your sessions to include outings, socialization, and public access training, meeting specific goals while enjoying personalized attention.


Since 2015, Lisa specializes in addressing behaviors that many trainers shy away from, such aggression and severe behavioral challenges. She is known for her expertise in tackling tough cases and is here to guide you through the process. 


Beyond general behavior modification, Lisa excels in service dog training, enhancing the abilities of your canine companion for those with legal disabilities.

With flexible training locations and a results-driven approach, The Traveling Dog Trainer LLC is the perfect choice for dog owners in Valparaiso and nearby areas. Connect with Lisa at 219-730-5239!

Typically, we are booked out one month, must call to reserve/schedule. 

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