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Fostering Dogs: How it REALLY Works!

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Did you know you can foster a dog for free? Shelters let you pick what kind of dog your willing to foster, without an adoption fee or any vet bills. With all shelters having overcrowding issues, foster homes provide a way for the rescue to still pay for the animal's veterinary care, take in more dogs, and say THANK YOU to foster families.

Shelters will take the foster dog back from foster homes if needed at any time, so no pressure there! Many foster homes find forever homes for the dog because the animal rescue group will still provide the dog's information on their websites,, the only way your "foster" fur child will become a member of your family, is if you allow it. I've personally fostered 5 dogs over the years, and only "foster failed" with 1 (because I chose to adopt her). Oops. :)

Consider being a foster home today, and enjoy the fun perk of helping a homeless dog, without the costs of adoption! Call your local shelters to find out their foster policies/what exactly is included. For example, dog food is not typically paid for by the Terre Haute Humane Society, but that sure beats adoption/veterinarian fees!

For the Terre Haute Humane Society fostering information, check out:

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