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Benadryl: Safe for Dogs?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Is Benadryl safe for dogs? Surprisingly, yes! I am no doctor, but am asked this question regularly by friends and clients. Believe it or not, several human medicines are actually safe for canines, when administered correctly. Benadryl is a safe at home remedy for dog’s suffering from mild allergic reactions to bug bites, sneezing, itchy skin, & watery eyes...just like people!

So then, how much Benadryl does YOUR dog need?

1 pound of your dog's weight per mg --is the standard. I learned this from my former Veterinarian employer over at Dr. Shew's Veterinary Clinic. The evidence is also found through online veterinarian resources, like (referenced at bottom).

Benadryl is a safe at-home remedy when given CORRECTLY. If your dog is currently on medications, call your veterinarian's office first to ensure it is safe for your dog. Any issues lasting a few days should be seen by your local veterinarian immediately. Before administering to your dog, be sure diphenhydramine is the ONLY ingredient in the Benadryl/allergy pills (some mix other drugs, which are usually NOT safe for dogs).

This blog is not for me to play veterinarian, but as a "Dog Guide" for those looking to ease mild allergies for their dog, and other useful dog tips.

Thanks for reading!

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