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1 Overlooked Summer Safety Tip for Dogs

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Of course, the most common summer dog tips include not leaving a dog in a hot vehicle and to leave out extra water, but the "10 second rule" of your hand on the sidewalk (or whatever the non-grass ground is) deserves a mention. Burned paw pads occur quickly and are easily preventable.

Summers in Indiana heat to the 100s: consider this before taking your pooch out. Hot pavement = burned paws, even around 80 degrees! Try to keep walks limited to grassy areas. If this is not possible, touch the pavement, concrete, or asphalt ground with your hand for 10 seconds first. Is it burning hot? If so, don't walk your dog until nightfall or early morning.

Signs your pup has burned paws include: lifting a paw, visible redness or blistering, unusual whining, and excessive licking to get some relief. Many pad burns lead to infections that must be treated by a veterinarian, usually lasting weeks. To avoid this issue altogether, remember the "10 second rule" this summer. The best prevention is to strengthen their paw pads year round by walking and jogging regularly and, you guessed it, avoiding hot surfaces.

I hope this helps someone (and their dog). Thanks for reading!

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