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What Sets the Traveling Dog Trainer Apart: Q & A !

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Of course, I'd love to have your business, but if you choose to do group lessons at a facility or train elsewhere, I will have no hard feelings. :) This is not in any way meant to be a negative towards any particular dog training business either, but simply an answer to "what sets me apart?" which I have been asked almost daily since I started the Traveling Dog Trainer business. I just want dog owners to do what they believe is best for their dog's training and for their investment.

I'd like to share how I train and why to help answer potential client Q&A's.

First off, Why the Name? I'm the Traveling Dog Trainer because I offer in-home lessons only & I travel nationwide annually to continue trainer education (Conferences & such. For example, I went to a Shelter Dog Handling Workshop in Montana hosted by Cesar Millan, The TV Dog Trainer, 4 days ago and Virginia for 1 month to mentor under a top internarional trainer, things like this). I service Valparaiso, IN and about a 25 mile radius outside of it. Occasionally I can make exceptions, just ask!

Why I Only Offer Private Training:

I have taught group lessons before: its nice the price can be lower for clients this way, but I found it is not possible to get every dog/owner the individual attention they need for success. Classes are standard in group settings and if you miss one, you may lose a lesson, as I can tailor individual lessons to better help each client/dog and my schedule is flexible (working 7 days a week). Private training in home allows you and I to meet at different times and days of the week, if you need that for your schedule. I do not "lose" lessons for my clients. Also, I'm a "delivery dog trainer" right at your door, so you never have to load up Fido & travel to me if you dont want to leave your house.

My View on Private Lessons VS. Group Training:

If your dog causes you concern sometimes due to people or dog aggression, I would be hesitant to bring your pup to group classes with other dogs, who are most likely their to learn obedience because they are having their own varying obedience/behavior issues. For my training, I believe its best to address my clients' main issues with minimal distractions for our basic lessons (at home), so your dog can focus better. Once his/her obedience is down with minimal distraction, then I encourage adding other dogs/new distractions to the mix.

What Type of Training Do You Do?

I train without treats mostly, besides with puppies and for behavior modification purposes (that can be detailed in a later blog) and I focus on the use our human praise as a reward. Why? Because I focus on creating a better bond between OWNER and their dog, so when we really need our dog to be reliable (for example, if a dog is going to chase a car, run towards another dog, etc.) I do not trust a treat to be the only way to get my dog to come, and I do not use a "clicker". I explain more to my clients at our first visit. From my experience, I believe group training can be great for socializing, but clients don't need me for that.

(& Why I like but also dislike Treat-Based Training)

I have found treat training is misused by first time dog owners many times, creating treat monsters of their dogs. Treats may work sometimes to get a dog's attention, if the dog is treat motivated, but this is not where my obedience ends. This alone is not to the level of obedience I personally train my clients and my own dogs with. I use positive reinforcement, but clearly without food as the main reward for their outcome.

My career mission is to help pet owners stay happy while offering a lifelong, healthy environment with their pets. I want to help the rehoming & overcrowded animal shelter epidemic.

Aggression & Other Behavior Problem Dogs (Separation Anxiety, Biting, Timidness etc.):

I tend to be the most interested in dogs who need behavior modification and are misunderstood! Because I do private training at your home, I can devote more time to focus on those very unruly behavior problems, while we train your dog obedience. I am a huge Pitbull advocate and I take signs of early aggression very seriously (in any dog and of all breeds). I have experience with many different dogs of all varying personalities and aggression triggers. This is an area I specialize in and have been continuing education on for years, handling a dog wrong can make aggression worse. Especially if a dog is having some aggression or other behavior concerns, treat based training in a group setting is not a recommended or the safest route and may overwhelm your dog, causing fear biting or traumatizing him/her further.

Have any other questions? Contact me today. Thanks for reading! <3

(above is a picture of me practicing "bail outs" with Attica Police Department's newest k9, Niko..I found this today and thought I'd share, lol)


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